Mobile Responsive Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Logical”

I think all of us have probably visited a website at one point or another on our mobile device that has elicited the old “WTF” response, Right?! Sometimes it’s simply because that website is soooo out of date that you’re actually looking at a desktop site layout on a 3″ wide mobile screen! But sometimes (in defense of the owners of these sites) it’s just a matter of how…how, ummmm….”oddly” the information appears on your phone.

What does this all have to do with YOUR business and YOUR website? Hopefully nothing at all. But if you’d do me a favor and give the video below a quick view just to be sure. Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know. Hand over 7 minutes of your life to see that your business’s website (your livelihood?) doesn’t have an issue that is quite common to modern websites – regardless of whether you’ve paid top dollar for that latest fancy theme.

I hope someone out there found this useful in some capacity! And, by the way, PLEASE don’t feel bad if you don’t understand some of the terminology used in this post/video. That said, if you ARE a small business website owner it would absolutely benefit you to at least understand what terms like “mobile responsive” or “mobile friendly” mean and why they are so crucial to you. Check out this article from Search Engine Land. it is 3 years old, but provides some great introductory information.

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