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Make More Money For Your Small Business With Instant Gift Certificates

Instant Gift Certificates truly have the ability to solve THE most basic problem that ANY business has. And let’s not speculate, over-complicate or beat around the bush as to what this is problem is – because, face it, the “problem” is ridiculously simple. Every business wants to generate MORE MONEY. Shocker, right? Every meeting, every marketing campaign and every “rah rah” pep talk all boils down to this one simple thing.

And, let’s continue down the path of complete honesty to add one more small caveat, shall we? Every small business owner not only wants to bring in more money but they want to do this without a heck of a lot more effort on their part, don’t they? Heck….that’s what we ALL want, not just business owners!

I am guessing you’re still with me on this, but I am pretty sure that nothing I have said has blown your mind yet!

Let me be 100% clear. I am not a snake oil salesman. I am aware that, generally speaking, there is almost ALWAYS effort involved in bringing in more money for ANY business. At the very least there is some sort of change that needs to take place. That being said, though,every once in a while we all stumble across a new tool, strategy or idea whose immediate use actually DOES, or at least CAN, produce some rather dramatic results with a lot less effort and a lot less change than you might expect. Call it the small business’ A-HA’ moment.

Side Note: Also, when we find one of those tools or strategies, the nice thing is, if we further back it up with a little extra “umph” and “elbow grease”, the results can be astonishing. And THIS is exactly what properly selling instant gift certificates on your website can do for you.

Instant Gift Cards / Certificates from The Gift Card Cafe

So maybe your interest in selling gift certificates through your website is piqued a little? So, how does one go about it – the right way?

The Gift Card Cafè is a 3rd party website (no, I don’t work there!) that allows business owners to sell gift certificates online – INSTANTLY. The purchaser can email, text, or even print them out and hand them to their friend, loved one, co-worker etc. For the purchaser and the recipient it is instant and easy!

From the business owner’s point of view, it is just as easy! A Gift Card Cafe account is easy to set up and easy to maintain. The Gift Card Cafe gives you, the business owner complete ease in the redemption process; complete ease in tracking; complete ease in promoting your gift cards and quite a bit more.

Where Do You Stand With Selling Gift Certificates Online?

When it comes to selling gift certificates on your website or social media, you probably fall into one of these categories:

  • You ARE selling gift certificates online but not selling very many
  • It never even occurred to you to sell gift certificates / gift cards online
  • It HAS occurred to you do this but you just assume the process is too complicated and probably not worth the effort anyway
  • You ARE selling gift certificates online and you ARE doing quite well with it – you’re simply skimming this article to confirm what you already know!

Regardless which category you fall into – even if it is none of these – let me just say a few things:

First of all, please DON’’T be intimidated. As I have already mentioned the entire set up and maintenance of a Gift Card Cafe account is easy! And, if you would like some help, you are MORE THAN WELCOME to reach out to me for assistance. But really…you can do this on your own. The Gift Card Cafe walks you right through the process with a series of quick and simple videos.

Secondly, If you just don’t think selling gift certificates online can be profitable, I can ASSURE you, from first hand experience, that this is not the case. Even if you have tried it before and think you can prove me wrong, consider taking another run at it. One of the reasons that many businesses don’t do well selling gift cards online is simply that they are doing it in an old fashioned and clunky manner. Either that or they just aren’t promoting the fact that they sell gift certificates online beyond simply having a simple link hidden some place on their website.

The Gift Card Cafe – it works because…

Even back in 2014 when I first became aware of The Gift Card Cafe, there were other similar solutions around and am sure that is still very likely the case. What I believe to be the thing that tips the scales in their favor are:

  • The number of incredibly creative ways they give you to promote your gift cards (Limited time offers, BOGOs, Widgets with countdown timers etc)
  • The sheer ease in which you can do all of this
  • The fact that their system tracks (literally) everything for you

Give it a Go!

If you’re interested and would like to give it a shot, or at least explore The Gift Card Cafe website, click HERE to have a look around.

If you’d like assistance setting up your account, simply leave a comment below.

If you’d like to check out some of my other website which focuses on web design, check out Thirsty Fish Graphic Design.

And Finally….

You may be wondering who I am to be telling you all of this. After all, you don’t see me selling gift certificates on this blog for anything, right? So what experience to I have?

Well, since you’ve asked…

In addition to this blog I am also a web designer – something you may or may not know.

I have a client for whom I implemented the Gift Card Cafe into their website in October of 2014. Up to that point they had been selling gift certificates on the home page of their website in a really really old fashioned way – a simple pay pal button with predefined dollar denominations where, once purchased, the staff would physically snail mail a plastic gift card to the purchaser. The MOST they had ever sold in gift certificates in a single month using that system was $600.

The very FIRST month we implemented the Gift Card Cafe we sold over $2,000!. We IMMEDIATELY saw the power of The Gift Card Cafe and from that point on began to inundate our social media accounts as well as our website with Gift Card information and promotions. The very next month, we sold over $20,000!

Since 2015 an average month is approximately $4,000 and this past December (2018) we sold over $40,000.

A few things to keep in mind about the business I have just mentioned:

  • They have 2 locations
  • They are well established in the communtiy – in business for 11 years
  • They/ We continue to …..PUT IN THE WORK. Even though the first month saw a dramatic increase in sales with NO extra work, from that point forward we became SUPER aggressive.

In other words, I am NOT telling you that a year or so after you implement the Gift Card Cafe into your website you’ll be making $40k each December – nor am I even implying so! I am simply stating that the potential to make a LOT MORE in gift card sales than you currently are, is a possibility; a pretty distinct possibility!

I truly hope you found this article helpful. Even more than that though, I hope you decide to take some action and at least explore The Gift Card Cafe

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