How Non-Profits Can Utilize Instant Gift Certificates

I recently had lunch with my friend Barbara McLean. Barbara works with local non-profits and has so for quite some time – in a number of capacities from being a board member, employee and executive director.

The topic turned to how and what we were working on in our respective businesses lately and somehow the subject of Gift Cards came about. After sharing what I thought would be a brief couple of stories I had about local businesses having MASSIVE success selling instant Gift Cards Barbara became intensely interested. The next thing I knew, she began working on her own video series for her clients which she entitled The Seven Gs of Christmas. The interview (below) is her Day 2 of this series. If you own a business that could potentially sell Gift Cards through its website, I highly recommend you give this a look. I will likely be adding more posts and videos on the subject soon.

Do you know a business owner that might benefit from seeing this interview? If so, please feel free to share.

If you would like to give the Gift Card Cafe a try to see just how incredibly easy they make it to increase your revenue (or donations) follow this link.
Yes, I do earn a small commission.

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