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What Makes the Difference in Affiliate Marketers?

If you are considering trying Affiliate Marketing in any capacity, whether to replace your income or simply to supplement it, you have at LEAST one problem facing you! In reality you probably know that you have more than just ONE! However, what I am referring to is this:

When it comes to affiliate marketers, there are basically two types. Well, two types that stick out like a sore thumb I should say!

1. The folks that are absolutely CRUSHING IT and having fun.

2. The Affiliate Marketers that are crashing and burning and basically just failing miserably.

So, as they say in NLP, “what’s the difference that makes the difference”, then?

The Difference Between The Successful Affiliate Marketers and the Failures – A Newbie’s Perspective

From my point of view, and please keep in mind that I AM a newbie so I am NOT telling you that I know everything there is to know about the topic of affiliate marketing, but at least from MY point of view I think it boils down to this:

Having the heart to serve

What the heck do I mean by that?
Well, let me draw a comparison to illustrate.

The Used Car Salesmen of Old and The Affiliate Marketer of Now

Years ago, car salesmen earned themselves a pretty horrid reputation. How did they do this and how does that relate to internet marketing/affiliate marketing?

For years and years car salesmen across the country relied on a pretty reliable set of sleazy tactics to make their sales. If you’re old enough to remember – or have at least heard the stories – you know exactly what I mean. Thankfully buying a car these days is a much more pleasant experience!

The point of bringing this up is that during the car buying experience you could almost “feeeeel” the sleaziness at work. You all but KNEW what they were up to. It was palpable…in the air almost! And THAT is what sooo many internet marketers are like. Whether you’re reading their “product review” (or watching it on YouTube) or they are interrupting your viewing experience so that they can tell you about their FREE UPCOMING webinar you can almost feel the sleazy motives at work.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…..Money is Fine! I Like it too!

Am I saying that Affiliate Marketers aren’t supposed to be out there to make a profit for themselves?


Not any more than folks expected the used car salesmen of old to not do their job and expect to be paid and make their commissions. We ALL have to eat. We ALL have bills to pay. If you render a service, you should expect to be paid; you DESERVE to be paid.

What I AM saying unequivocally is that it’s the sleazy tactics that can go away – just like they did in the auto world. Yes…we all have bills to pay and we all need to eat – but that doesn’t justify manipulation! What I AM also saying is that a portion of the general public is getting wise to being manipulated. Not ALL of them, mind you…after all, there are still people who believe what they see on the news. But, in general, many people understand sales tactics and when they are being used as manipulation.

Bringing it all full circle

And so I (finally) come to the conclusion and answer the question as to “what makes a successful affiliate marketer” and clarify what “The Heart to Serve” means.

Actually, I should really say is:
“What will make the difference between a successful Affiliate Marketer and one that fails in the future?
Because, let’s face it, sleazy tactics are still at work on the internet.

And the answer to the newly formed question is…(I hope)

The one who is honest in their dealings!!

I am not sure about you but I’d feel much more comfortable making a purchase from someone who NOT ONLY informs and educates me about the product that they are promoting but that also informs and educates me about themselves as an affiliate! In other words, I don’t MIND if you make a commission on the sale – I JUST WANT TO KNOW THAT UP FRONT so that my decision to buy from you now (or not) is an informed one.

In Closing (almost)

So, before you buy that new camera (piece of workout equipment, piece of clothing etc) based on the product review you just read on someone’s blog or watched on their YouTube channel, take a look (or listen) around. Did they mention that they’d make a commission if you click their link and make a purchase from their website? Is there an affiliate disclaimer any place on their website? If there is NOT, I am NOT saying don’t buy from the person, I am just saying to be wary!

Still Interested in Affiliate Marketing?

If you are still with me on this and, if we see things similarly then I invite you to check out the affiliate training that I am involved with. The curriculum covers many aspects of Affiliate Marketing and online marketing in general. The folks that run and teach the course are, in my mind, very honest. They are up front about everything they do – which is why I decided to check out their stuff.


Do I make a commission if you eventually make a purchase?
You’re damn right I do.!!
But the nice thing is there are absolutely ZERO hard sales to sign up for the program. In fact, you might be blown away at the amount of information and knowledge you’ll gain for absolutely no money. Either way, no skin of my nose!

I wish you the best of luck in your quest for knowledge!

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Marc is a Dad, a Web Designer, a Creator of Branding and an occasional blogger . (and probably in that order!) with some affiliate marketing thrown in for good measure.

He owns Thirsty Fish Graphic Design, A one-man web design biz., based in Corning, NY which is in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.

He enjoys physical fitness and healthy eating to an annoying degree, playing guitar, playing piano, sketching and most of all hanging with his daughter doing just about anything!

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