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What drinking 2 liters of water in the morning taught me about getting web traffic

I know, I know you’re thinking “WTF”, aren’t you? Obviously there is zero correlation between drinking water and increasing web traffic to your business’s website, right? So… is there ANY truth to that headline or not? Is it just some silly Click Bait thing? Will you be left limp by the time you’re done reading this (assuming you even DO in fact finish)?

First of all, let me say ‘thank you’ for reading this far. And yes, it is my hope that by telling you a couple of short, relatable stories I actually CAN give you something quite useful (in this case a concept), that you can begin to use immediately. Something you will see results from in a relatively short amount of time.

Water, New Habits and… Web Traffic?

About 5 months ago now (at the time of this writing) I decided to be very cool with the fact that I will likely always be a coffee drinker. Some would say that I perhaps drink too much. But rather than make another (likely futile) attempt to stop, I decided to take a different tak. In the morning, as soon as I wake up I now pound a minimum of 2 huge glasses of water (sometimes more) before I brew my first pot of coffee.

As with any new habit, when I first started, at first nothing very remarkable happened. No huge results. I didn’t feel the earth shift or anything like it. And if I’m honest, I really was not LOOKING for anything major to really change anyway; I really just wanted to feel that I was doing a decent job of hydrating my body before I started in with my daily glut of liquid mud! Nothing more, nothing less.

After I had been doing this for maybe two weeks, however, I began to notice that my skin looked markedly different. It looked healthier and somehow cleaner, too.
“Well, that’s kind of a nice bonus”, I thought to myself.
I still didn’t think very much about it.

Within a couple more weeks though I started to not only feel a difference in my skin, I also was feeling a LOT MORE energy when I woke up in the morning and I actually began looking forward to my glasses of water – the same way I used to mindlessly just walk toward the coffee pot and salivate for that first cup. In fact, within a month or so, it got to the point where when I did have a cup of coffee I actually wanted to follow it up immediately with another glass of water! Kind of an H2O chaser!

“Great”, you say, “you’ve succeeded in making me thirsty, now please tie this all together because I thought I was going to learn something about getting more traffic to my website.”

Patience, grasshopper. I will get to that in just a second. First though, one more quick story.

Crushing his email list – web traffic without trying for it

A couple of months ago now – I’d say I was roughly roughly 2.5 months into my new ‘water habit’ at the time, I called a client of mine and discussed making some simple changes to the home page of his website. One of those changes (very simple) was to add a signup form for his monthly newsletter. I was aware that his business HAD a newsletter but the only thing I knew about it, really, was that it existed. I knew he didn’t have a spot for people to sign up for it on his site.

In order to place his form on the page, he gave me the log in credentials to his email software – Mail Chimp in this case. When I logged in to his account and saw the number of people that were ALREADY subscribed to his newsletter list

My     jaw     hit     the     floor!

He had 4,000+ subscribers!

Yes, yes, yes – I realize that some people have hundreds of thousands, even millions of subscribers to their lists – so 4,000, while impressive, isn’t STAGGERING.

Orrrrrr is it?

You see, a common thread that runs through the businesses (people) that build email lists of such massive size is this:
They are TRYING to!! This is one of their goals. They put tons of energy into it. And they do so, with a very specific purpose in mind! Marketing.

My client, however, was making no attempts whatsoever to build his list. At least not on purpose. He simply LOVED to write blogs, create newsletters and make videos for his YouTube channel. Period. He honestly loved to pass on tips and tricks that had helped him personally in the past. Period. He had nothing extra to sell or market. For him it was a form of self expression.

Read that last paragraph again because it bears repeating.

He hasn’t missed writing a weekly blog post, creating a weekly video for his YouTube channel or publishing a monthly newsletter in about 3 years. After doing some digging, I found out that he wasn’t just posting crap either! He had a specific type or type(s) of person in mind when he would write or shoot video. His true intent was to solve a problem for these people – one that he had solved for himself.

Oh, and just to be clear, he is the owner of a fitness facility.

Me and my water and ‘John’ and his email list

Do You See Any Commonalities Between These Two Stories?

Let me quickly point out 2 of them (maybe there are more?).

Making the decision to drink water in the morning before consuming coffee is a pretty simple concept. A simple idea that is easy to implement. Same goes for what my client was doing. It’s fairly simple to write a weekly blog (that’s useful to people), make a quick YouTube video and send a newsletter once a month.

Angels didn’t soar down from the heavens when I started my new morning water ritual. Come to think of it, they still haven’t. And I didn’t really even see ANY tangible results for at least a couple of weeks. It took months before I saw real, noticeable shifts. As I write this, I am still seeing changes take place.

“John” has been doing what HE’S been doing for YEARS. I don’t have any data on how long it took him to start seeing results. That would be hard – especially when you consider the fact that he initially started doing this without a real end result in mind beyond that of just being helpful.
In either case, though, the key was consistency.

In fact, I have no doubt that you have something in your life that is relatable in terms of consistency, too.

Consistency is Key

In Conclusion

I wrote this post for a couple of reasons. First of all to remind you (and me!) that so often the steps required to do well at ANYTHING are quite simple. It’s usually just a matter of doing what you know should do – and sometimes in order to do THAT you just need to hear or read something you can relate to.

Secondly, if it was the headline that caught your eye, then there’s a pretty good chance you are a small business owner looking for something fruitful to apply immediately to your website. I am BEYOND aware that you are likely bombarded with attempts by SEO “experts” that want to sell you an extremely expensive plan.

I am not here to badmouth some of these SEO experts. Lots of these guys and gals REALLY know their stuff and likely have some pretty deep knowledge that could help you outl But 9 times out of 10 you don’t need to start with a complicated strategy – you just have to have SOMETHING in place; you just have to have a content creation strategy that is getting utilized ALL THE TIME. Then….IF you really need a complex strategy beyond that, maybe you sit down and chat with an expert. Walk before you run though!

To Paraphrase Tony Robbins.
“If you’re 200 pounds overweight, with all due respect, you don’t need to hire a personal trainer that is a sculpting genius – you simply need a big guy behind you that yells RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!”

But so often we unwittingly WANT to make things more complicated than they really are because we’ve been conditioned to think that anything good must be difficult to attain. It’s time that you and I call B–S—- on that mindset and I hope that what you read here helps you to do exactly that.

Did you find this article useful? Do you know anyone that is tempted to overcomplicate the process of getting web traffic before they thoroughly work the basics? Feel free to share this with them!

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Marc is a Dad, a Web Designer, a Creator of Branding and an occasional blogger . (and probably in that order!) with some affiliate marketing thrown in for good measure.

He owns Thirsty Fish Graphic Design, A one-man web design biz., based in Corning, NY which is in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.

He enjoys physical fitness and healthy eating to an annoying degree, playing guitar, playing piano, sketching and most of all hanging with his daughter doing just about anything!

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