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The Laptop Lifestyle – what the heck is it?

If you’ve spent ANY time on YouTube in the past 3 years or so, especially if you’ve recently done a recent search regarding ‘work from home opportunities‘ or the like, then you have ABSOLUTELY heard the term ‘Laptop Lifestyle‘. Uusally it is followed up by some version of: “all you need is a laptop and an internet connection“.

Sounds pretty *sexy, doesn’t it? Well…it is. And unlike so many things in life, it is sexy for the exact reasons that you would assume that it is. To give you just a few examples:

*Sexy – as it’s used here means ‘cool’ not ‘sexy’. Anyway…

  • I am lucky enough to put my daughter ON the bus and see her get OFF the bus just about every single day
  • I can work outside on the back porch on nice days
  • If I don’t feel like working at home, I can go to the library, a restaurant, a bookstore etc

Truly, the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong…there are a FEW downers when it comes to working from home but they really are few and far between.

The First Thing I’d Tell You About The Laptop Lifestyle

The Laptop Lifestyle comes in MANY flavors and varieties!

As someone who has lived the Laptop lifestyle (formerly known as ‘working from home‘) for over 10 years now I will be the first to tell you that, as legitimate they may be (and often are), the type of Laptop Life that gets advertised in many YouTube commercials are not the ONLY kind there are. In other words, it’s not ALL about drop shipping businesses, affiliate marketing businesses and that sort of thing. Again – there’s not a THING wrong with those! Heck, I am learning some Affiliate Marketing myself!

My point is that those are not the ONLY way you can work from your own home if that is truly what your goal is.

The Second Thing(s) I’d Tell You About The Laptop Lifestyle

The second thing(s) I would tell are based upon an assumption. Yes, I am aware of what happens when we
A-S-S-U-M-E! But you’ll have to forgive me just this once.

First I’ll tell you the things, then I’ll tell you the assumption!

The things I’d tell you are to be patient AND diligent.

The assumption I’m making is that you don’t want to JUST work from home. I assume you would also like a little bit of freedom built in too, right? If I am jumping way out ahead of myself and the only you’re concerned with is actually being home, then there are a TON of companies out there that hire for stay-at-home positions. But that’s not what I am talking about and there is a ton of information available along those lines too.

Moving backwards in order to move forward.

First of all, by “patient” I do NOT mean procrastinate getting starting! Let me just be clear about that right up front. What I DO mean is that creating some income via online endeavors in any capacity takes a little bit of time to establish. This is true regardless if you want to take the plunge and follow an internet guru’s game plan or if you’re starting, for example, a freelance writing career. In either case, results aren’t likely to come overnight. And, if they do….please email me some advice because I have clearly not been doing it right!

In fact, my advice if you’re currently working a traditional job would be to figure out ONE thing you’d like to do to earn some money from home and then get cracking by doing your due diligence. In other words, research what it would take to make it at the level you’d be happy with and then begin to take some baby steps toward that end. Keep it small at first…but give yourself enough of a taste of exactly what it is you’d be getting into if you were to jump in 100%. Does that make sense?

A Real World Example

What better way to make a point than to illustrate that point?

I have a friend that lives the Laptop Lifestyle. He does so doing what he loves to do – which is writing and activities that orbit the central theme of writing. My friend’s name is Matt and his writing discipline comes to life in several arenas including freelance articles for various publications and even more passionately as a (very cool) children’s book author. See his website:

Matt is practically a text-book example of going about this the right way. This is kind of rare and it is for this reason that I am using him as an example.

For years Matt worked the typical grind in a job he hated for a soulless insurance company. Like so many of us, he realized that the job and his direct supervisor were detrimental to his overall well-being. UNLIKE so many of us, he actually did something proactive about his situation.

I am not going to spell out every detail of Matt’s story as that isn’t the point of this article. But what I WILL say is that he realized that he needed to do something and rather than ignoring that fact he created a plan for himself. Luckily for him, he had already been doing some freelance writing work in addition to his corporate grind. It was therefor easier for him to get the ball rolling although there was still groundwork that needed to get done.

Three plus year later Matt’s career is thriving. He is making a living writing children’s books (and promoting them via school visits) and he is still doing freelance jobs.

Would he tell you everything is perfect?
I don’t believe so.

Would he tell you he is 200% happier than before?
I know so.

In Closing

The freedom of living life from your laptop is definitely worth it. It is worth it for all the reasons I mentioned above and many more of your own reasons that I couldn’t possibly be aware of. And although it certainly CAN look the way the internet gurus portray it, it certainly doesn’t HAVE to! You can do this and not feel obligated to brag about the Lamborghini in your garage (if you have one) is what I am trying to tell you.

If you enjoyed this article and have something to say, feel free to comment! If you know of someone that might enjoy it, feel free to share it via social media or however you see fit.

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