The Overly Enthusiastic Affiliate Marketer

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If you are a cool enough person to be reading this article (wink), then you likely chose to read it for one (or more) of a couple reasons. Perhaps you ARE a new affiliate marketer that is looking to dodge a bullet or two? Or maybe you are contemplating starting out as an affiliate marketer and you are simply gathering up information and knowledge in order to initialize your quest?

Whatever or whichever the case might be, I promise that further along in this post I will pose some solutions to “over enthusiasm” that work well for me and that might work for you too.

Before I do that, though, I want to just take a very brief moment and look at WHY people, particularly newbies, can get so enthusiastic about affiliate marketing.

Reason Number One:

The most obvious reason, but not necessarily the most common, is because there really is good money to be made as an affiliate marketer. There is more information and evidence to back this up than you can possibly shake a stick at these days so I am not going to muddy up the middle of my article with a billion links. After all, Google works for everyone! 🙂

Reason Number Two:

Another reason that some people can get so enthusiastic about their new affiliate marketing pilgrimage is that there is TREMENDOUS opportunity to help other people by introducing them to the same concept and explaining what it is that they are doing. And, the cool thing is, UNlike other “non-jobs” (think multi-level marketers), it isn’t about trying to get people to “join the weird cult and drink the Kool-Aid” and take orders from the “upline”. Rather, it’s about connecting with other like-minded, motivated individuals.

Curbing Your Affiliate Marketing Enthusiasm!

Hmmmm. Not sure if I even like the term “curbing your x enthusiasm” as it implies shutting one’s self down a bit and I am certainly NOT a fan of THAT. However, if a fella can’t throw in a popular phrase in reference to something else entirely in order to be likeable then what are we all doing here in the first place? 🙂

Ok, you’ve hypothetically taken the plunge! You’re a new internet affiliate marketer. Your eagerness to get this” thing” going is nearly spilling over your teeth! Trust me, I can understand. I have not only been there…I AM there.

So let’s look at a couple of strategies for dealing with this excess enthusiasm for affiliate marketing!

Strategy 1: Remember the old “Marathon vs Sprint” Analogy

This is my favorite technique. The beauty of this strategy is that the truth of it is so all encompassing that it becomes an umbrella for almost any other strategy you could use to pace yourself. Honestly, I use this mindset for more than just my affiliate marketing endeavors!

Here are a few examples WHY the marathon vs sprint analogy is so true, applicable and effective:

  1. Affiliate Marketing isn’t going ANYWHERE! Credible businesses for years to come will be using this model for a long, long time. It’s too lucrative and too easy for them NOT to.
  2. The avenues you can use to promote your affiliate business are ENDLESS. Literally. When you start to see just how true this is, the only sane thing to do is to pace yourself.
  3. You’ll also come to realize that, with the exception of paid advertising, anything you do online to promote your business will live forever! Or, at least until you manually get rid of it. This in and of itself can cause you to exhale a bit of a sigh of relief and is more or less a “natural pacer”

Strategy 2: The Old Fashioned ‘Carry A Notebook’ Technique

Ways and ideas to better your affiliate marketing business will literally bombard your brain both from “within” as well as from “without”. The challenge is these ideas often come at inopportune times! For this reason, I recommend carrying an old fashioned notebook and keeping it near you at all times. Yes, of course you could use something a little more technologically up-to-speed, but for me, old fashioned pen and paper seems to make it a little bit more real, plus I believe you are more likely to remember your notebook than the fact that you spoke into your voice recorder on your phone. Ultimately though – to each his own.

Side Note: By inopportune I mean when you are not at a computer or in a conversation with another person. This is actually a GOOD thing. It means you are forced to NOT take action before the ideas is well thought out.

Strategy 3: Remember the Wisdom of The First Two Strategies

Ok, so Strategy number 3 isn’t really a strategy at all if I am honest with you. I felt it was worth listing it as such, though, because once you really grasp the first two strategies then a sense of ease and peace of mind will be a natural by product. This should alleviate any over zealousness and allow you to progress with your affiliate business in a more controlled manner. Think “Service Dog” versus “Labrador Retriever Puppy”!!

In Closing…

Whether you’re already taking a stab at affiliate marketing or just in the contemplating stage, you now know that extreme eagerness in your affiliate efforts is a real thing. And that is as it should be. The opportunities to improve your own situation as well as help others abound. Truly. Now you have some strategies to effectively handle this tendency to “chomp at the bit” as it were.

If you’d like to take a look at the affiliate opportunity that I am involved in, check it out here.

If you have your own strategies you’d like to share with me and others that read this article, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

I wish you all the best in your business and in life.

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Marc is a Dad, a Web Designer, a Creator of Branding and an occasional blogger . (and probably in that order!) with some affiliate marketing thrown in for good measure.

He owns Thirsty Fish Graphic Design, A one-man web design biz., based in Corning, NY which is in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.

He enjoys physical fitness and healthy eating to an annoying degree, playing guitar, playing piano, sketching and most of all hanging with his daughter doing just about anything!

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