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My First Affiliate Sale

Affiliate marketing. In the off chance you have never heard of it or don’t have at least a basic understanding of how it works, here’s what it is in a nutshell:

First: You promote a product or a service in some way, shape or form – in this case, on the internet. For example you do a product review; write a blog post; create a video etc. In other words you take some sort of an action online to promote a product or service.

Second: If your promotional content is successful in generating a sale for the company you are promoting, you get a small percentage of the sale.

Very simple, right? And you almost can’t argue with the beauty and ease of the concept. Of course you CAN argue if you choose to – because some people will find a flaw in EVERYTHING but that’s a topic for another blog!

But…we are NOT Here to talk about HOW Affiliate Marketing works or WHAT it is, we are here to talk about ME!😂😂

Seriously though, this article is not meant to be about the mechanics of affiliate marketing. And the real beauty is…if you truly approached it with a “ME ME ME” mentality, like our good friend Gaston, here – you’d never get ANYWHERE.

If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing – both what it is and how it works, here are a few resources for you.

Wikipedia: Affiliate Marketing
Entrepreneur dot com: What is Affiliate Marketing?

I, ME, MINE – My First Affiliate Sale!

As the title implies, I wanted to talk to you about MY first affiliate sale. First of all because I was rather stoked to make that first $18! Second of all because I was just as excited to make the next $18 as I was the first!! And lastly because…it’s all about me, dontcha know? (Kidding)

The truth is, at the time of this article I have made a grand total of TWO affiliate sales totaling a whopping $36! So (as of yet) I am not jumping up on my high horse and telling you to quit your day job and “join my opportunity” RAH RAH!
Can’t you just hear the members of the network marketing cults chanting in the background? 😉

What I AM saying is that with a little bit of due diligence and consistency, you actually CAN make a few bucks online.

Now, I’ll say it again, at this exact moment in time I have ONLY made a few bucks. However, I have ONLY been at it for a few months and on a pretty part-time basis at that. I still have a full time job, a kid and all the normal obligations of life.

Being that I am human though, I get (got) moe excited when I was finally able to see some of the fruits of my efforts and so I thought I would share it with you if you’re the type of person that may be looking to supplement your income online. After all, let’s face it…while we can be happy for the success of another an article such as this carries a lot more weight if it pertains to YOU and gets YOU to see that YOU can do it, right?

So, with all of this being said…

Do I believe more is possible? Absolutely.

Do I believe more is possible for me? Absolutely.

Am I the type of person that believes that if it’s possible for me it is possible for anyone?

AB – So – FRICKEN – lootely!

Affiliate Training

Although, I DO believe you could ALSO go out and figure a lot of this out for yourself by reading various articles, watching a few videos on YouTube and the like, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

There are just too many variables that you could avoid as a newbie if you want to cut the trial-and-error portion of this journey out of the equation; not to mention the time factor! You can at least minimize these thing. And the only way to really do that is to have a little bit of hand holding along the way as it were.

And trust me – if you also have a regular job and a regular life you definitely want to reduce the learning curve as much as humanly possible. Otherwise, you’ll just be taking a bunch of random actions and not have much of a clue whether you’re on the right path or not.

If you are interested in in checking out the program I went through (and am continuing to go through) myself, you can absolutely check it out, now HERE. But please don’t feel like this is the only good training available. It just happens to be the one that worked for me, that’s all.

In Closing

If you’d like to subscribe to my blog to see how my progress with affiliate marketing continues so that you can make a real, informed decsion to do it for yourself, then be sure to do so using the sign up form at the top of this page.

Whatever decision you make, I wish you the best of luck.

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Marc is a Dad, a Web Designer, a Creator of Branding and an occasional blogger . (and probably in that order!) with some affiliate marketing thrown in for good measure.

He owns Thirsty Fish Graphic Design, A one-man web design biz., based in Corning, NY which is in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.

He enjoys physical fitness and healthy eating to an annoying degree, playing guitar, playing piano, sketching and most of all hanging with his daughter doing just about anything!

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