Internet Careers & Businesses: How to STOP Arguing Yourself Out Of Trying!

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In this post about Internet Careers / Businesses, I am going to attempt to show you how you, argue yourself out of further investigating something that at least has the potential to open up more than a few doors for you; doors you’ve probably wanted to “open” for quite some time.

And, while I know I can’t jump into your head and rearrange those arguments FOR you, I can at least pass on some valuable tips that have helped me along the same path and FINALLY got me to open up my own mind – just a little bit. So let’s get right to the point.

Dime-a-Dozen Internet “Opportunities”

Internet businesses seem to be a dime a dozen these days, don’t they? There’s a very sceptical part of eachl of us who have seen the endless advertisements for internet based businesses. I should hope so too, because if there isn’t, there very well SHOULD be! That inner sceptic, when kept in check, is actually a GOOD thing! Otherwise how easy would it be to buy into every shiny new “opportunity” that gets thrown at us each time we press play on a YouTube video or open up Google after our most recent search had ANYTHING to do with money or success?

That being said, there HAS to be a part of us that kinda KNOWS that they can’t ALL be scams, right? I mean, think about it – there are so many systems that we stumble upon during our daily internet wanderings that, just from a purely numbers point of view, they couldn’t all just be a bunch of BS! Some of them at least must contain some modicum of truth. Can we at least agree on that much? I am willing to bet that we can.

Setting the Inner Sceptic Aside – at least temporarily

To be truthful, as with any fresh new endeavor in life that we decide to tackle (or at least investivate), there comes a point when we absolutely must tell our well-meaning inner sceptic to STFU! Or, to be more politically correct, to “be quiet for just a minute”! So do us both a favor and give it a shot.

Now, I am going to assume the following:
First, you’ve agreed with me that of the thousands of internet business/career opportunities out there, at least SOME of them are legitimate. Second, you’ve agreed to take your inner chatterbox and kick him or her to the curb for at least a few hours. Cool. If my assumptions are true then what else could be holding you back from probing a little deeper into one of those potentially interesting ads you’ve seen float across your “internet space”?

Well, based on my own experience, here are a few that I came up with – followed by a quick way to dispel each of them!

  • I don’t have the time to look into “opportunity ‘x'” (whatever ‘x’ may be)
  • I’ll look like a fool if I try it and it fails (I fail)
  • This idea actually sounds good, but I feel that I’m too late to the party
  • My job isn’t actually THAT bad
  • I’m afraid to have to learn something new

So, here we go – as briefly (and thoroughly) as possible

I don’t have the time to look into “opportunity ‘x'”
Really? Is that the most creative excuse you can come up with? Sorry for the sarcasm but, this is what EVERYONE says about EVERYTHING they’d love to do in their lives. But ok then, let’s work with that.

Every single person I know can carve out an extra 45 minutes in a week. I am using 45 minutes as a rough gauge for how long it would take a person to get the general idea of what any particular website or educational article has to offer. You and I can CERTAINLY set aside 45 minutes to do this. And, we all know that ANYTHING we find really interesting we will always have the time to let it suck us in – at least a little bit – after all, isn’t that how movies and television work?

But let’s even take it a step further – lots of internet opportunities will educate you with a decent overview of their company through a video (or series of videos) they’ve created for this very purpose. And, given that more people are more likely to press play on a video than do the “hard work” of reading an entire page on a website (GASP!), the “I don’t have time” excuse grows weaker and weaker.

I’ll look like a fool if I try it and it fails (I fail)
Talk about shooting off your own big toe before you even get to the starting line! Let me ask you, how concerned with anyone’s opinion were you when you were 1 year old and just learning to walk? Not very. Look, I don’t mean to sound callous. I understand that, through social conditioning, we’ve ALL been taught to put way more importance on the opinions of others than we rightfully should. But, are you going to go to your grave with THIS as your excuse for not trying something new? There comes a point when you just have to put your own blinders on and plough forward. Let THIS be your time.

This idea actually sounds good, but I feel that I’m too late to the party
People are still starting successful T-shirt businesses. All it takes is a different twist on the same idea. And sometimes not even THAT much creativity is necessary; think of Hollywood.

Enough said.

My job isn’t actually THAT bad
Oh yeah? Why are you reading this article then?

I’m afraid to have to learn something new
There’s no getting around this one – you absolutely will. Anything at all that you’re not happy with – and it doesn’t have to be as “big” or as “profound” as a career change – will require you to have to learn something or something(S) new; even if it is just to simply approach them mentally in a different way – otherwise NOTHING will EVER change. It’s the only way you will ever grow.

I can try to be nice about this until the cows come home but eventually it boils down to this:

“Suck it up, buttercup”
(and eventually, you will find that you are glad that you did!)

At The End of The Day

Look, I’m not trying to be anyone’s Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins already exists as do a million other gurus that give similar advice. But, if you’re going to explore the possibility of starting an internet business or career, whether full on or just “on the side” to get started, it is all going to boil down to YOUR reasons and how strongly they affect you.

Maybe you have a new baby at home and you foresee not being there enough to watch her grow up. Maybe you’re passionate about those new Karate lessons you started but you can’t practice enough to really get good because you are working 70+ hours each week at a job that you’ve lost all enthusiasm for years ago? I have no idea what it is for you but whatever “IT” is, it has to move you down to your very soul; otherwise you’ll just get to the end of this article and…

Do nothing about it.


Is that what’s going to happen this time? I hope not.

When I finally got off the fence, I took a serious look at affiliate marketing. If you’d like to find out more about the opportunity I researched – and took the plunge on, you can click the button below.

Did you find this article valuable? Do you know someone else that might? Feel free to share it! Thanks.

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