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Benefits Of Being A Work At Home Dad

My dad is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. I am a seriously a lucky person to have him around, and even just to know him for that matter! That’s an  important thing (for me) to establish right from the start. Anyone that reads this article and that also knows my dad would agree with me 100%; of this I am quite sure.

When I was a kid, though, my dad worked hard. Incredibly hard. As a matter of fact he still does. When I was VERY young (ages 1 to 6?) my dad worked first shift which meant that he usually went in to work early and didn’t get home until around 4pm (to the best of my ability to recall anyway). As I got a little older and was enrolled in public schools (aka consumer training), my dad’s schedule changed and he switched to second shift. This meant that he went into work just about the time I got home from school – and he didn’t usually return home until midnight at the earliest but often it was MUCH later than that since he loved to soak up as much overtime as he could.

Why am I mentioning all of this?

It’s the long, convoluted way of saying that I rarely saw my dad when I was growing up. NOT because he was a bad dad, it just worked out that way logistically.

Did this bother me? At the time it didn’t at all. When all you know is all you know it has hard to be upset about it or make comparisons. Besides, lots of my other friends were in the same or similar situations and a large majority of my friends parents didn’t even live together to begin with!

As I got older though, I realized what I had missed not having my dad around. Lots of people will know exactly what I am talking about. And, they’ll know either from direct experience or because in one way or another they’ve had to learn about the ramifications of not having both parents around.  

This article however is NOT a pity party by any means. I started the article the way I did to enforce what I LOVE about being a work from home dad. The reasons I love it are far too many to count. For the sake of giving you a small sample, though, here are three!

The Three Biggest Benefits of Being A Work From Home Dad

A better subtitle actually might be “Some of the coolest things about being a work from home dad!


Benefit 1: Being there when my daughter gets off of the bus
One of the happiest times of my day, as corny as it might sound, is walking down the driveway to get my daughter off the bus. When the bus driver gives her “the signal” that it’s safe to cross the street and my kiddo gets to the end of the driveway, sees me and SPRINTS toward me – my heart melts. It really IS the best part of my day and is just one of those things where words fail you.

Benefit 2: The ability to stop work when I need or want to
I suppose I could have also said “flexible hours” but I don’t necessarily think of it that way. What I am referring to specifically here would best be illustrated with an example.

Example: If I still have work to do when she gets home from school and she decides she want to play a quick game of LIFE (the board game) then guess what? We play a game of LIFE. And, the hour or so of time that I “lose” can be made up later on.

I never have a “superior” breathing down my neck to get things done and this is truly an amazing feeling.

Benefit 3: The time and the ability to focus on her hobbies and extracurriculars
For my own, very personal reasons, this one is HUGE for me. I love knowing that I am never too tired to pay attention to her interests – not just her school work. In other words, I ALWAYS have the time to help her with her piano playing; I ALWAYS have time to go to her softball games; I ALWAYS have time to work on an art project with her. You get the idea. I feel that children whose parents don’t show a true, genuine interest in the things their kids love really miss out later in life. A passion that is nurtured from the outset has the potential to bloom in big ways later on.

Of course it would be silly to say that there are only 3 benefits to being a work from home dad. Heck, I could make this entire blog about NOTHING BUT the benefits to being a work from home dad and never run out of material! But, I promised myself I would limit it to three. Maybe I will do another, similar post at some point in the near future?

Wrapping Up

In this post I told  you about a few of my own personal favorite things about being a work from home dad while alluding to few of my own inner drives as to why these things are so important to me. Ok, I more than alluded to them! 

Did I have an agenda in doing this? Most certainly.

Before I tell you my agenda let me just be clear by saying that I KNOW that the work from home lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Of course it isn’t. It isn’t even the only way one can be happy in one’s career and I don’t mean to imply that in any way. 

But I doubt you’d have read this far if you weren’t interested in the subject.

Here’s my agenda

To eradicate the thought:

“it’s not possible for me” – referring to the ability to work from home.

Do NOT let the work from home lifestyle “not be for you” simply because you think that it isn’t possible. Just like anything else in life, If you want it badly enough, it is absolutely possible. 

There are as many ways to make it happen as there are people who would like it to happen. It can happen quickly or you can slowly build it up on the side until you’re ready. You can do it with a huge number of different career paths and choices. If you’re the type who truly is far more into the feeling of security then you can still do the work from home thing with a more traditional type of job where you still do have a boss to report to if that makes you feel better and more stable – in fact, for some, this may be the best of both worlds.

So how did/do I do it personally?

Myself, I combine several skillsets and options to make it work. First and foremost I do a LOT of freelance web and graphic design work. That is my primary source of income. I also have learned to do some affiliate marketing and assisting small businesses with THEIR marketing too; SEO and otherwise. If you happen to be interested in learning more about how you could do this, you can check out this page for more information.

However you choose to decide to make this happen for yourself (notice I didn’t say “if”?), I sincerely wish you the BEST of luck and much happiness along the way, too!

If you know of anyone that might find this article interesting, please feel free to pass it along to them via the social icons below, or however you see fit!

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He owns Thirsty Fish Graphic Design, A one-man web design biz., based in Corning, NY which is in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.

He enjoys physical fitness and healthy eating to an annoying degree, playing guitar, playing piano, sketching and most of all hanging with his daughter doing just about anything!

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